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152 Pages

Art book quality

wondering the alphabet


By Roderick Martinez

The alphabet book for readers, writers and designers. This captivating document features a continuous chronology of our alphabet, tracing graphically its changes over time. Included are the written reflections from twenty-six accomplished poets about a single letter assigned to them by chance, for this purpose. We all share the same existing twenty-six characters. Abstract yet so simple. The connection between the writer with the forms that alphabetical characters make, is the visual language we share. Our ability to communicate and document thought is shaped from these very forms, and it reveals a new poetic stimulus to our notion of wondering. 

Beautiful visual translations, or character reenactments of poems set face to face creates a most unique and heretofore unseen correspondence between two art forms. Possibilities become infinite and Martinez’s vision along with that of twenty-six gracious poets, is both a sight to see and read!

Wondering the Alphabet serves to entertain, educate, excite and explain...


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