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Guiding our way through this twenty-seven page lecture will be the ghosts of Trajan’s alphabet. Written to capture an emotional reaction to visual change. Trajan, who was the most beloved of Roman Emperors (98 A.D. -117 A.D.), and who more fully expanded the Empire, left many archeological marvels of which Trajan’s Column is one of the most puzzling and exquisite. Along its spiraling motifs are carved the most famous examples of Roman square capital letters on earth. The contemporary typeface, Trajan, designed in 1989 by Carol Twombly, incorporates letterforms based on these inscriptions. You can be sure that comments from the ghosts of Trajan’s alphabet have already entered into our discussion and will no doubt react to what’s become of them in the future. Print as a handout or project for a lecture. Download is compatible with Adobe Acrobat 5 and later.

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lecture 3 cover.jpg

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